About Us

Traders at Berkeley is a group of students strongly interested in the field of quantitative finance. We contribute to the community by hosting the annual Berkeley Trading Competition, teaching an introductory quantitative finance course, and connecting students with industry professionals.

  • Competition

    The Berkeley Trading Competition is the premier West Coast trading competition

  • Education

    Our Introduction to Quantitative Finance DeCal course teaches skills used in trading and research

  • Professional

    We host networking and job fair events with industry sponsors to connect students with professional quants

  • Community

    We strive to build a community of students to support career and academic goals in the quantitative finance space

2023 Berkeley Trading Competition

Challenging undergraduate and graduate students studying Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, or other quantitative fields

CS 198-134: Introduction to
Quantitative Finance Course

Breaking the barriers to entry and introducing various applied quantitative concepts to the markets. Open to all Berkeley students!

Applications for the spring 2023 semester class are now open! Apply at this link

DeCal Application


Partnering with industry sponsors to bring students closer to one of the most exciting intersections of technology and finance