About Us

We are a group of students strongly interested in the field of quantitative finance. We contribute to the community by hosting a trading competition, teaching an introductory course, connecting with industry professionals, and most importantly having fun while doing all of this.

  • Competition

    Host an intercollegiate trading competition for future quants and traders of the industry

  • Education

    Teach an introductory course to quantitative finance and broaden exposure to those interested in the industry

  • Professional

    Bridge the gap between industry and academics by connecting students with industry professionals

  • Community

    Build a community of like-minded individuals

Berkeley Trading Competition

Challenging all undergraduate and graduate students studying Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, or another quantitative field.

Introduction to
Quantitative Finance DeCal

Breaking the barriers to entry and introducing various applied quantitative concepts to the markets. Open to all students!


Partnering with industry sponsors to bring students closer to one of the most exciting intersections of technology and finance.

Active Members

Akul Arora

akularora [at] berkeley.edu

Arthur Deng

langxing.deng [at] berkeley.edu

Matthew Dworkin

matthew.dworkin [at] berkeley.edu

Ming Fong

mingfong [at] berkeley.edu

Samarth Goel

sgoel9 [at] berkeley.edu

Abhishek Kumar

abhishek.kumar [at] berkeley.edu

Vint Lee

vint [at] berkeley.edu

Jerry Li

jerryli0273 [at] berkeley.edu

Grace Li

ljy_grace [at] berkeley.edu

Sandeep Mukherjee

sandeep.m [at] berkeley.edu

Ru Pei

rupei [at] berkeley.edu

Aryan Shah

aryanshah [at] berkeley.edu

Amy Shen

shenaichu [at] berkeley.edu

Karthik Sreedhar

karthiksreedhar [at] berkeley.edu

Sneha Sridhar

snehasridhar [at] berkeley.edu

Prakash Srivastava

asrivastava [at] berkeley.edu

Alina Trinh

tutrinh [at] berkeley.edu

Oleksii Volkovskyi

volkovskyi [at] berkeley.edu

Albert Wen

albertwen [at] berkeley.edu

Alexander Yang

alex.yang [at] berkeley.edu

Serena Zhang

serenazyx [at] berkeley.edu

Michael Zhu

michaelwzhu [at] berkeley.edu


Alex Kwon

akwon [at] berkeley.edu

Vincent Liu

vincent.liu33 [at] berkeley.edu

Annie Ouyang

ouyang.annie [at] berkeley.edu