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Applications will open at the beginning of the next semester

Recruitment Timeline

Applications to join Traders at Berkeley directly are currently closed. We look for undergraduate students in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, and other quantitative fields with strong interests in quantitative finance.

Our next recruitment period will begin at the start of the next semester.

Introduction to Quantitative Finance DeCal

We recruit most of our members from the DeCal that we teach. If you're interested in joining Traders at Berkeley, consider taking STAT 198: Introduction to Quantitative Finance.

It is not a requirement that new members take the DeCal, but most do. We recommend STAT 198 if you previously have not had exposure to quantitative methods in the financial industry.


How do you recruit the majority of your members?

The majority of our members were students who took the DeCal and passed with exceptional grades.

What type of students are you looking for?

Successful applicants have very strong quantitative skills. Many of our members were involved in research or have experiences in technical roles.

Do you take any members that have not taken the DeCal?

We occasionally take candidates directly into the club who have exceptional skills and experiences. These members usually already have experience in the industry.

What kind of questions are asked during the technical round?

Our interviewers will try to focus their questions around your resume. Be prepared to talk in-depth about past projects or experiences. Typical topics can include Data Structures, Algorithms, Data Science and Modeling, Probability, Statistics, Brainteasers, and Mental Math.