The Traders at Berkeley community is heavily involved with the industry


Traders at Berkeley members go on to work at many of the best trading and technology firms in the world.

Here are just some of the places our current and former members work at:

Member Placements

Active Members

Ming Fong

mingfong [at]

Samarth Goel

sgoel9 [at]

Sandeep Mukherjee

sandeep.m [at]

Dominic de Bettencourt

dominicd [at]

Aryan Goyal

aryangoyal [at]

Jonathan Guo

jonguo6 [at]

Andrew Qin

andrewqin [at]

Archit Raichura

archit [at]

Anish Muthali

anishmuthali [at]

Rithvik Chuppala

rithvik.chuppala [at]

Alina Trinh

tutrinh [at]

Euhan Kim

euhan123 [at]

Arya Majjiga

aryamajjiga [at]

Peter Zhang

petez [at]

Ariel Qian

arielqian [at]

Arjun Patrawala

arjunpatrawala [at]

Neeraj Rattehalli

neerajr [at]

Max Vaysburd

maxvays [at]

Richard Wu

richardhwu [at]

Aaron Janse

aaronjanse [at]

Abhinav Kommula

akommula [at]

Andrew Du

andrewdu [at]

Chiraag Balu

chiraagbalu [at]

Claire Wen

clairewen [at]

Mitchell Wolfe

mitchwolfe1 [at]

Muadh Thaika

muadh22 [at]

Sowmya Thanvantri

sowmya.thanvantri [at]


Professional advisors to Traders at Berkeley are acomplished industry professionals who provide invaluable career and educational advice for students.

Max Dama

Partner, Headlands Technologies

UC Berkeley '11

Raj Patel

Partner, IMC Trading

UC Berkeley '12

John Zhu

Head of Trading, Optiver

UC Berkeley '10


2023 Graduates

Prakash Srivastava

asrivastava [at]

Aekus Bhathal

abhathal [at]

Akul Arora

akularora [at]

Abhishek Mhatre

abhishekmhatre [at]

Max Lawall

maxlawall [at]

Richard Li

richardli23 [at]

Christopher Fischer

chrisfischer [at]

Alberto Checcone

acheccone23 [at]

Karthik Sreedhar

karthiksreedhar [at]

Serena Zhang

serenazyx [at]

Preston Niayesh

pniayesh [at]

Araav Patel

araav [at]

2022 Graduates

Tim Huang

timothy.huang [at]

Abhishek Kumar

abhishek.kumar [at]

Brenton Law

brentonlaw [at]

Shreyansh Loharuka

shreyansh [at]

Sahil Patel

sahil.patelsp [at]

Ru Pei

rupei [at]

Aidan Reilly

aidan.reilly [at]

Matt Peng

mattpeng [at]

Agnibho Roy

agnibhoroy [at]

Amy Shen

shenaichu [at]

Sneha Sridhar

snehasridhar [at]

Ann Wang

annljwang [at]

Clark Wang

clwang [at]

Jenny Xiang

vv1204 [at]

Alexander Yang

alex.yang [at]

Andrew Zhang

akzhang [at]

Tejas Thvar

tthvar [at]

Rohit Tanikella

rtanikella [at]

Oleksii Volkovskyi

volkovskyi [at]

Jerry Li

jerryli0273 [at]

Param Nagda

paramnagda [at]

Raymond Ji

raymondji [at]

Albert Wen

albertwen [at]

2021 Graduates

Alex Kwon

akwon [at]

Annie Ouyang

ouyang.annie [at]

Grace Li

ljy_grace [at]

Vincent Liu

vincent.liu33 [at]